Class of Induction

Each year, the Gary Sports Hall of Fame inductee nominating committee will offer nominating opportunities for athletes, coaches, or teams based on established criteria. The nominating committee will incorporate public participation and involvement in the nominating and selection process.  After reviewing and selecting a slate for the annual class of induction, a recognition event will be held to honor the inductees.

Wall of Fame

The Gary Sports Hall of Fame is dedicated to the preservation, documentation and display of Gary’s rich sports history. Each year, outstanding athletes, coaches and contributors will be selected to the Wall of Fame.

Educational Enrichment Tours

The Gary Sports Hall of Fame will offer a wide variety of fieldtrips for both schools and community groups. Ideal for grades 4 through 12, the field trip combined with guided and self-guided tours plus interactive exploration in a dynamic venue for both students and educators to be inspired, engaged, educated and enthralled by the most extraordinary accomplishments in sport in Gary, Indiana history.  Learn about the incredible accomplishments and triumphs of athletes, coaches and teams.  Hear how inductees went beyond the ordinary and inspired a generation to follow their dreams.

Membership & Sponsorship Events

All members of the Gary Sports Hall of Fame are volunteers. As a charitable organization with a 501 (c) 3 tax status, all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.  Fund development goals were established to support organizational programs and activities.  Private and public funding will play an integral role in the success of the Gary Sports Hall of Fame as it will increase the organization’s viability and vitality; however, in its early stages of implementation, a funding goal range of up to $25,000 over a two year period has been established.

Partnership with IUN

The Gary Sports Hall of Fame Committee is delighted to partner with Indiana University Northwest (IUN) in the establishment of a “Wall of Fame” located on the campus in Gary, Indiana. The committee consists of prominent individuals from Northwest Indiana who are committed to the task of realizing the vision.  The impact on the local and surrounding communities will be significant.  There is no better venue than the IUN college campus to educate youth, students, and the general public about the rich sports history in Gary. It is also important that with the influx of visitors, tourists and the public viewing the exhibits that the University and its beauty will be on display for all to see and enjoy.